What Is Kelation?

Commonly spelled Chelation.

“Is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal poisoning — those involving lead, arsenic or mercury — the standard of care in the USA dictates the use of dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA).”

This is further explained by Dr. Andy Cutler:

“kelation is the process where you take a medicine (or supplement) that binds strongly to the toxic metal in question and is then excreted from the body while holding on to the metal and thus carries it out.DMSA is a chelating agent for lead, mercury, etc.
In a chemical sense, “kelation” refers to one molecule grabbing on to a metal atom with more than one attachment. Thus chelating agents are things that have more than one attaching group, like DMSA that has 2 sulfurs to attach to heavy metal atoms.”

Why Kelate Heavy Metal Toxins?

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury do not naturally occur in the body and are highly toxic so they do NOT belong inside the human body. There are no safe levels for heavy metals. Metals are actually commonly found in most people for a variety of reasons and are suspected to cause and worsen the following ailments:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Inability to lose weight or keep weight off

Many people experience a variety of symptoms with no clear diagnoses of any particular condition by their doctors.  The following are symptoms (including but not limited to) that may respond well to kelation therapy.

  • depression
  • mild fatigue
  • anxiety
  • forgetfulness
  • eye lid, face twitches
  • digestive issue
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • frequent bad breath
  • constant body odor
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • unexplained anger
  • sensitivity to sound
  • inability to concentrate
  • abnormal menses
  • low body temperature
  • cold hands and feet
  • tender teeth
  • ringing in the ears
  • insomnia
  • metal taste in mouth
  • nail fungus

Many websites show individuals reporting a lessening of their condition symptoms after kelation. Below are just a few of the more common medical conditions associated with heavy metal poisoning that kelation therapy is thought to help.


Parents have reported their autistic children showing greater improvements while kelating with DMSA and following a good kelation therapy schedule. Improvements reported included:

  • Improved listen
  • Improved focus
  • Improved speech skills
  • Self stimming decreases

Removing the heavy metals from their body’s can help allow them to move towards being the child they should be. Parents of autistic children should visit the Autism page for more information, including how to administer DMSA, and how much DMSA to give your child. Particularly interesting is what the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors have to say about the DMSA kelation therapy.


Fibromyalgia patients report the following:

  • a noticable decrease in pain
  • an increase in mobility
  • fatigue is lessened or disappears completely following kelation therapy
  • sleep improves greatly
  • increased sense of well-being
  • bowel function and bladder problems improve

It is speculated that the improvements may be due to how DMSA kelation therapy reduces levels of silicon in blood and in tissue thereby reducing blood pressure, improving kidney function, and preventing or retarding the progression of chronic renal failure. Basically DMSA allows your body to function better by removing  the heavy metals (kelation) that are blocking it’s internal healing mechanisms and allowing the body to heal itself.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The symptoms of alzheimer’s are well documented. This is a very difficult disease to live with, both for those inflicted as well as everyone around them. Even a mild improvement associated with the Alzheimer’s Disease will improve the quality of life for all concerned. If you haven’t tried DMSA kelation therapy, a one month trial is recommended.

Inability To Lose Weight

Some people are unable to lose weight and it is often due to burned out Leptin receptors in the brain.  An unknown fact is that fat doesn’t make you fat but your bodies inability to burn fat is what makes it impossible to lose weight.  Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain to burn fat for energy, but if the Leptin receptors in your brain can’t ‘hear’ your body will NOT burn fat for energy.  The result of not burning fat is the energy is stored as more fat, making it impossible to lose weight. Removing mercury from your brain will allow the Leptin receptors to heal and once they are healed, they will listen to Leptins message to burn fat instead of store it. As a side note, your body can only use two things for energy, fat and sugar. So if your body is unable to burn fat for energy it is forced to burn sugar. This explains cravings for sugar. Keep in mind ’sugar’ includes all things that the body turns into sugar, such as bread, pasta, potatoes etc. Healing your Leptin receptors and cutting out foods that your body turns into sugar will force your body to burn fat for energy and you will rapidly lose weight.

How Much DMSA Do I Take?

How much DMSA you take is based on body weight and is given in ranges so you can start at a lower level and work your way up to the higher level once your body gets used to DMSA. The exact formula and recommendations is provided when you order DMSA. This is the actual DMSA Protocol (how to use).

What To Expect

These are just a few of the benefits of kelating with DMSA.

  • Initially you may feel slightly tired, however once the metals start leaving your body you will experience a sense of well-being and increased energy and focus.
  • Your ability to concentrate will increase greatly and the so-called ‘brain fog’ will be gone.
  • Your memory will improve.

Where To Buy DMSA

Prescription DMSA costs approximately $2-$3 per capsule and many over the counter manufacturers have stopped supplying DMSA completely.  As the US government tries to make DMSA prescription only, more and more people will not be able to afford DMSA.  Thankfully, a source of inexpensive, high-quality DMSA is still available from a Canadian supplier in a FDA approved pharmaceutical facility. It’s available without a prescription and for as little as $0.60 per capsule. Click here to buy DMSA.